česky deutsch rusky The Fairy-Tale Family hotel
Baby friendly
children are not a burden but welcome guests for us:
– children up to two years of age    stay with us free of charge,
– up to twelve years
of age they    get 50% discount, provided    they are accompanied
   by 2 adults.
Company training events, parties
we provide premises for training events and entertainment
For lovers
bewitched by love in magical surroundings
Penzion Pohádka
Husova 67
379 01 Třeboň
mobil: 774 987 656

he Pohadka Family Hotel in the centre of Trebon is a delightful place for your holiday. It is set in the completely renovated Krbec family home..

You will be entranced by its smart but comfortable accommodation and relaxed friendly atmosphere. The meaning of Pohadka is fairy-tale.

In our Hotel you'll find yourself back in the atmosphere of our grandmas' days -warm and human but not stuffy.

The décor of the hotel uses mainly natural materials. Almost all the furniture is made of wood, and in most rooms the ceiling features wooden beams.

This fairy-tale atmosphere is maintained by fittings typical of grandma‘s days, all made from natural materials.

Come to the Pohadka Family Hotel and experience its unique comfort, beauty and friendly atmosphere. We are looking forward to your visit!!!